Wednesday 6 March 2013

RHSCE and Komixx Entertainment option Monkey Nuts Animation!

Today we are delighted to announce that the animation rights for our debut graphic novel series, MONKEY NUTS, have been optioned - and by the same partnership that recently picked up Jamie Smart's Fish Head Steve!  Woo Hoos all round!

Here's the full press release for your delectation.

Random House Children's Screen Entertainment (‘RHCSE’), a full-service UK production house created by Random House Children’s Publishers UK (‘RHCP’) and Komixx Entertainment (‘Komixx’), has optioned the Monkey Nuts comic series by celebrated authors, The Etherington Brothers.

Monkey Nuts is a vibrantly illustrated, slapstick action comedy series set on the Isla de Monstera, home of the world's only tap-dancing, banana-loving, rust-fighting, coconut-talking, crime-busting organisation, and the latest project from RHCSE based on the David Fickling Comic (DFC) library, an imprint of Random House.

Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Partner and Head of Film & TV, RHCSE comments: “Monkey Nuts, is a fantastically fun-filled property with richly detailed characters that will directly appeal to boys 8-12 years of age. It’s a wonderful series and the action-packed comedy storylines will doubtless sweep children along with each adventure.”

Robin Etherington, series author, comments: “We created Monkey Nuts for boys who were not only looking for engaging stories but, more importantly, wanted their reading experience to be both funny and fun. There has always been a significant gap in the kid’s market for humour, and the same dearth of great comedy exists in the world of cartoons. We’re therefore delighted to have the opportunity to widen the Monkey Nuts brand with RHCSE and Komixx. The team at Komixx share our passion and commitment both to the quality and vision for the series. And most importantly, they want the end product to be FUN.”

Philippa Dickinson, Managing Director, RHCB comments: “As with many books from the DFC Library, Monkey Nuts is perfect for children due to the hilarious plots and appealing, slapstick characters. The Etherington Brothers have always produced imaginative storylines and stunning, complex illustrations, and Monkey Nuts is no exception.” 

There you have it, folks - a rather fun day to be in the comics biz.  We'll bring you more information as and when it breaks.