Friday, 8 March 2013

World Book Day Action

Yesterday marked the 16th World Book Day, that special day when children from over 100 countries celebrate the magic and fun of storytelling.  The central aim of the event is to encourage young readers to explore the many pleasures to be found from reading.  This is a value we Etheringtons hold dear, and try to promote whenever we host a show, so we were delighted to be invited to the Brunel Academy in our home town of Bristol to perform two special World Book Day workshops for their Year 7 and 8 students.

The staff had created some wonderful promotional materials for the day.  This is what I call a collage.

These shows are actually pretty hectic, as we tend to bounce around on stage for hours, and between workshops Lorenzo and I always try to relax.  Fans of my brother's artwork will be interested to know that it's during these quiet interludes that he conjures some of his best sketches.  Here's one of my favourite sneaky shots of him in action.

And so, after a great day of sharing our hints, tips and secrets with over 400 students you'd think we'd be spent, right?  Well, as it turns out I still had enough juice in the tank to indulge a new hobby.  Have I missed my calling as a ballerina?...

Maybe not.  Boy, that bar felt high ... and I probably should have limbered up first...

Many thanks to Sarah Middleton and all the staff and students of Brunel Academy for making us feel so welcome on World Book Day.